• Chapter Seven

    Eating an eclair later that night next to Sophie, Brigette gasped. “Sophie, I just saw the map again! It was in my eclair filling, then I saw, ‘Mapa Gu Dorchaheim’ ” Sophie was concerned. “Come with me.” She and Brigette ran to the Slytherin table. “Hey, Zane!” said Sophie. “We really need your help. we need to find the kitchens.” Zane smiled mischievously. “I know exactly where you could find that.” He led them out into the corridor where Jamie and Kate, who had noticed them passing, joined. Zane led the other four into the deepest part of the dungeons. “Right in between the Hufflepuff common room and the Potions classroom. Slytherin common room and dueling room to the right if you’re facing the kitchens. otherwise they’re to the left or ahead or behind.” Sophie and Brigette proceeded into the kitchen. An elf was happily singing “Jingle Elves” and another passing elf muttered, “Not even Christmastime.” while carrying a large cauldron of pumpkin juice. Another elf walked up to Sophie and Brigette. “What can I do for you, madams?” “We need to ask a few questions.” The elf nodded encouragingly. “Well, I’ve been finding pieces of a map in my food.” Said Brigette. Finishing for her, Sophie said, “A map to Dorchaheim.”

  • Chapter Six

    Zane said, “Quidditch team?” as if he couldn’t believe it when Jamie and Sophie told him. “Well, congratulations!” “Yes, congratulations!” Said Kate and Brigette. “No less than I would expect of two such fine porcupines!” Proclaimed a voice behind them. “How does he keep on sneaking up on us like that?” Whispered Brigette to Sophie. She was not unnoticed by Flickflame, who said, “Well, accompanying my fellow capybaras around is rather dull. I must say, I don’t know why I signed up to teach. Maybe it’s because I love being around all the carefree alpaca. “Yes, well, you see,” said Zane, pretending to be hesitant. “I don’t know why you’d be interested in us when you could be with Them. See over there? Those, um, armadillos? I’ll bet they’re pretty interesting.” “Oh, you do say! Penguins are always very fascinating, although they do bite… very sharp blubber… I’ll check them out…” and he skipped off happily to start talking airily to a couple of Slytherins about the time he fell into a garden pond and talked to the Loch Ness monster. “Something is fishy about Flickflame.” Said Kate. “Yes,” said Jamie. “A whole lot is fishy. The vision of Zane’s, the map piece Brigette saw, and a professor that won’t leave us alone. great year we’re having so far.”

  • Chapter Five

    Jamie, Sophie, Kate, and Zane were sitting on the shores of the Great Lake, watching the giant squid dive and twirl under the surface. Jamie reached out and the water rippled under his touch, once circle after another, as he spoke. “Something odd happened today. At breakfast, before you guys were up, Brigette stared screaming. Then she ran out of the room.” Sophie, Kate, and Zane were surprised. Later that day, when they ran into Brigette, they asked her what happened. “I saw the map.” she explained simply. “The map?” “The map? You have not heard of it? It is very famous in Western France. A map to an ancient lair. I saw it next to my croissant this morning. The first piece. The one that says ‘Mapa Gu Dorchaheim’. Map to Dorchaheim, in Scottish Gaelic.” “Potter!” called a crisp voice over the grounds. It was Professor Flickflame. “Hello, my young cygnets! Jophie and Samie, is in not?” “No-” Sophie cut Jamie off. “Yes.” “Very well. I must speak to you. See, not many of the other chimaeras are nearly as good at squidditch as you are.” Jamie cocked his head. “Anyway, each of your teams Cheeper and Kaser spots are open, and you will join!” “Um… sure!” The twins said together. “Obviously, when you saved the peacocks from the Samber of Checrets last year…” And JAmie and Sophie ran to tell Kate, Zane, and Brigette.

  • Chapter Three

    On the train, Jamie and Sophie found Kate and Zane sitting in a compartment they had saved. “Hey, guys, I have to tell you something.” said Zane, closing the door after them. “Last month, I had an odd dream. I don’t think it was even a dream. More like- a vision. A strange one. Professor Pernille and a lot of other people I didn’t recognize were at a table inside, and she told this man at the front that “They were together.” Then he screamed, and I woke up. I think it meant us- we’re together.” “But that’s-” Kate stopped midsentence and looked at Jamie and Sophie. “Zane, you’re describing things Harry Potter could do because Voldemort’s soul was inside him.” Zane looked astonished, then the train blew it’s whistle, and they were at Hogwarts.

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  • A Discovery Of Dragons: News Report by GalileeGraceWriting and her sibling J

    Did you know that dragons are real? Yep, that’s right. They’re everywhere. There might even be one right next to you. In fact, if you have a maple tree next to you, in your backyard… it’s likely.

    GalileeGraceWriting, her sibling J, and her friends H, M, G, and I, have set out to explain and discover more.

    At many parks in their local area, GalileeGrace, J, H, M, G, and I have found evidence of dragons. At one park, they discovered a dragon egg and dragon prints. It has been found that they host in maple trees, disguising their scales as the leaves.

    At another park, a wall had many mysterious rocks jutting out, and while no evidence has been found weather or not this opened up to a secret lair, a map was discovered written in chalk- which was found nearby and in a very large size- leading them to believe a dragon wrote the map. They have not been able to get to the end of where the map leads.

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  • Chapter Four

    The new headmaster, Professor Flickflame, stood up. his long auburn beard swept the floor as he spoke. “Hello young flobberworms and flutterbies!” Sophie raised her eyebrows. This was getting interesting. “Or, I suppose, there might be a few wombats in there? Oh well. I am Professor Flickflame, your new headmaster. and I would like to welcome a new walrus into our midst from… Beauxbatons!” Brigette nervously walked up to the front. “This young wallaby is joining us for a year from her school.” Then he sat down leaving a confused Brigette to rush back to the Ravenclaw table. “Did you see those hippogriffs applaud after my speech?” Peeves responded with a dungbomb in the face, then he floated away cackling. “Not a very nice manatee.” Muttered Flickflame, sputtering.

  • It was the summer holidays and Jamie and Sophie were on vacation with their mom in France. the small town on the shore was full of music and beauty and the salty spray of the sea, but something else too- wizards! Sophie met a girl named Brigette, and found that she was visiting Hogwarts for a year from Beauxbatons! “I am very excited to go to Hogwarts!” she kept on announcing. When August was over, they met at platform 9 3/4. as always, the station was full of figures unidentifiable through the steam the train emitted. waving to their mom with some last good-byes, Jamie and Sophie ran to the train while Brigette skipped away happily. then the train chugged away through the mist.

  • Welcome again to GalileeGraceWriting! this is the first chapter of the Map to the lair!

    A cold lane haunted Zane’s dreams. Dark. Cold. Dangerous. he could see it dancing through the air in front of his eyes, the lane getting narrower, coming to an old prison like place. As Zane seemed to enter it and his eyes adjusted to the dark, he saw a man engulfed in shadow sat at the front, his face hidden behind his scraggly hair. The words “they are together”, a scream of fury, and Zane awoke, panting something was very wrong, and he knew it.

    Bye, and be back soon for another chapter of Jamie, Sophie, Kate, and Zane’s adventures!

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